Aug 21 2017

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One Voice, One Destination Investment Promotion for Bohol A model of partnership that Bohol is known for-Chatto

Bohol tripartite comprised of the Provincial Government of Bohol, City Government of Tagbilaran, and the Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) pushes to create an even more attractive investment climate for both Tagbilaran City and the province.


Gov. Edgar Chatto, City Mayor John Geesnell Yap, and BCCI executive vice president Argeo Melisimo in behalf of BCCI president Albert Uy signed on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 a memorandum of agreement for the Enhanced Bohol Investment Promotions Program.


The private sector-led upgraded investment promotions partnership program is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) the Strengthening Urban Resilience for Growth with Equity SURGE project.


It is a continuous improvement on the trailblazing initiative Governance for Local Democracy (GOLD) back in 2000 supported by the same agency, which created the Bohol Investment Promotion Center and consequently made Bohol the most business friendly province in the Visayas in 2006.


BIPC head Ma.Fe Dominise christening Chatto as “Mr. Synergy” for making multi-sector participation a best practice in various development strategies said the program offers shared opportunity and shared responsibility for all-province, city, and business chamber.


This she said is the value added in that the program has a lot of goodwill with both government and private sector working together.


USAID’s Avila meanwhile recognized leadership of both province and city as well as involvement of private sector, and reiterated support for programs and initiatives.


“There is progress ahead of you. We need to plan to benefit from good aspects of development and prevent or lessen bad aspects,” Avila said as a reminder of ultimate goal of inclusive growth, resilience, and sustainability.


Melisimo for his part lauded the City Government for forging true partnership to fulfill encompassing goal that is inclusive growth, a timely move he said as Bohol is ripe for investment with a spatial plan already perfected.


The city has reported an increase of over 2000 business permits issuances since 2013, Yap said.


Chatto, for his part, shared at recent participation in the ASEAN Roundtable Discussion on Open Government, Bohol was hailed model of partnership, participatory processes in governance for the entire country.


This goes to show that development for Bohol us happening because it has translated shared dreams into actual plans and into real programs and projects, he said. Monitored performance, evaluated results, implementing improvements ensure sustainability, he added.


The governor explains government creates environment that will allow private sector-infusion of capital into province that will in turn create employment.


“When we have a plan, our investors cannot dictate our direction but rather we can guide investors to stay truthful and faithful to our plans.  The role of investors is to help us realize our vision for Bohol,” Chatto said.


This is how sustainability is ensured, shared plans, driven by interest of stakeholders, which will elevate levels of understanding on kind of leaders that the province needs, he told participants at Open Government forum, expounding on changes in leadership vis-à-vis sustainable development.


The enhanced investment promotions program will create an investment office for both city and province that will be lodged at the Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


The USAID SURGE project has development expertise of Rosalinda Paredes as coordinator.


The MOA signing was witnessed by City Government department heads, BIPC and BCCI representatives, as well as Department of Trade and Industry Bohol team led by Marisol Balistoy. (EDCOM)

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