Sep 23 2012

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Barangay Nutrition Scholars from across the province soldier on for zero malnutrition as the Provincial Government jumpstarts its program on zero malnutrition for Bohol in 2015.

Gov. Edgar M. Chatto led the launching ceremony at the 10th Barangay Nutrition Scholars Congress at the Bohol Cultural Center on Thursday.

Bohol Association of Barangay Nutrition Scholars President and National Outstanding Barangay Nutrition Scholar Awardee Irenea Ordinario thanked local government support, citing strong leadership of Chatto as the organization continues its advocacy as community catalysts for nutrition improvement.

Nutrition programs in the province are implemented hand in hand by the Provincial Health Office led by Dr. Reymoses Cabagnot and the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist headed by OIC and Provincial Nutrition Action Officer Larry Pamugas.

Chatto recognized efforts of barangay nutrition scholars, further urging them to lead implementation of the Bahay Kubo FAITH (Food Always In The Home), HOPE (Herbal Organic Plants Enhancement), and CHARITY (Chicken Always Raised/Ready In the Yard) programs.

Sufficient food leads to proper nutrition which in turn leads to healthy well-being, he said.

This year’s regional outstanding barangay nutrition scholar awardee Christie Renoblas of Buenos Aires, Tubigon was recognized during the congress.

A barangay nutrition scholar for 3 years, Renoblas initiated several Income Generating Projects (IGPs) in order to sustain their regular feeding program in the community. One of these IGPs is the “Swine Raffle” where they would give away 2 swine to the residents, and in time, the residents will give back 4 piglets from the mother wine, where 3 would be raffled and 1 would be sold for additional nutrition fund.

Other IGPs are a fishpond where they breed tilapia, a BNC Garden where they grow vegetables used as ingredients for their feeding,” and the Palayan sa Nutrition, where ¼ of the harvest is also used for the feeding program.

The barangay nutrition congress also became venue for the signing of the manifesto for a malaria-free Philippines from the League of Governors of the Philippines. Chatto signed the manifesto in support of the aim to secure the health and well-being of the Filipino people.

Although Bohol is fortunately one of the provinces declared malaria-free, DOH reports 58 provinces in the country where malaria is endemic, thus the need to still put malaria cases under control. DOH is campaigning for a malaria-free Philippines by 2020.

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